Legacy Fullstack Certification

I have just fulfilled the requirements to obtain the Legacy Fullstack Certification, yet it returns nothing when I click the claim certification button.

What might be the cause of this?

Your certification settings may be private at times. Please check that in this link.
If so, make it public.

if you have the console open when you click on it, do you get anything on the console?

I have my all cert setting in public mode…

thank for the reply…I dont understand what you mean if I have the console open.

The browser console, you can usually open it with F12

No, i didn’t get anything on the console when i click the claim certification button.

there is no way to debug it then, sorry

you will need to try different browser, remove extensions, etc.

okay…thank you for your response. contacted the support team via email, they said it looks like ive fulfilled all the requirements for the legacy fullstack cert, they said its most likely a bug and I should open a github issue so they work on it. I’ll also try using a different browser. thank you

I help the same issue

oh okay…they said its most likely a bug, they said i should open a github issue about it(which i did and no ones been assigned to the issue yet), i suggest you do the same and wait.

please do not open multiple issues for the same thing, github moderators would need to close them. If you have more details please add them to the open GitHub issue:

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