Just finished all 6 certifications! THANK YOU (One last question)?

Wow that took along time! But for anyone reading, it was 100% worth it! By far the hardest problem is the soduku challange but very satisfying to finish.

also, replit can give you issues with chai testing, I reccomend everyone test their projects in vs code, clone to github → clone to codesandbox for those challanges.


I just finished all 6 certifications
responsive web,
front end,
quality assurance


**How can get the fullstack certification? **I looked in the settings but I couldn’t find it. I only saw the legacy one.

Edit: based of this post I need to finish the Legacy Information Security and Quality Assurance. (Which means completing 2 more projects) in order to be fullstack certified? Is there anyway I can get it with just the certifications I have now?

thank you,

There doesn’t seem to be a “Full stack certificate” for the new courses, just a certificate called “Legacy Full Stack” which is based on one of the old courses.
It is just a title. What you have accomplished already certainly qualifies as “full stack”.

Congratulations! Have you been applying for jobs?

Hi and congratulations! :slight_smile:
How long did it take you to finish all 6 certifications?