Confused on how to proceed for full stack certificate

Hi, I’ve got my 3 certificates (last one a couple of weeks ago). Until today the non-profit projects continued unlocked. Checking my map again, instead of the usual one (where non-profit projects appear as requirement for the full stack certificate) I found today that I have access to the Open Source for Good … and the claim option for the certificate has completely disappeared. Is there still a Full stack certificate or has been eliminated? What am I suppose to do with those projects? Do I have to work in each of them, how do you (and I) know that I have met the requirements (if exist any or I work in the ones that I like as much as I want and that’s it?). I’ve read other people mentioning of working in pair with other campers for the non-profit projects, is still something similar that I should do for the open projects source of good?? (I did try to contact by email FCC, but didn’t get any answer, so trying here). Any light on this is highly appreciated. Thanks.


Freecodecamp doesn’t develop applications for individual charities any more. Now you’re supposed to contribute on open source for good. You can find open source for good projects on freecodecamp github account.
You can also try to contact @ CodeNonprofit

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Hey, i just read this, and is true. I was VERY interested in that certificate. Any way to get it?

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It’s complicated - I’d contact the non-profits team and ask for advice on getting started with Open Source for Good and the full stack certificate. And if you just can’t wait to get started contribute to freeCodeCamp Projects on GitHub (

I just twiit to @codenonprofit. I have friends with Full stack certificate, it was one of the reasons to start fcc ^^. I hope it will re appear somehow, because is kinda unfair to new campers. Just my two cents

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When you have a project with 600k+ users you try scaling non-profit projects - that’s why things were switched to open source for good. It’s not a matter of fairness - it’s a matter of too many people for the current method to work. You’ll still be rewarded for your work but in a new way. When people look at your GitHub Profile they’ll see exactly what you contributed into each project.

Thank you all for your feedback, is good to get fresh info. I did emailed the nonprofit team few days ago, but as I said at the beginning, no reply … Will try again, but I thought it could be more helpful for future campers if we get the answers over here (if I get more insight from emails I will let you know :slight_smile: ).

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Send me an email directly and I can help you get started on an Open Source for Good projects.

Also, I’ve written a full explanation of the new certificates (including the Full Stack Development Certificate and contributing to open source projects used by nonprofits) here: freeCodeCamp’s new certificates - here’s how we’re rolling them out


Great! Thank you Quincy, sent the email. Looking forward to hear from you :slight_smile:

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I haven’t figured this out yet. How can I see what a user has done on other than his or her own repositories? Filter by: other peoples stuff Do you know how I can do that?