FCC and Beyond - Nearing Full Stack Certificate

So, I’m coming up on completion of the freeCodeCamp Curriculum with a targeted completion date of Saturday or Sunday (3/9 or 3/10) (yay!). And I’m wondering, are there still any opportunities being offered by freeCodeCamp upon obtaining that certificate? I read that there was some program of building websites for non-profits in the past (source below). Is there anything like that still?

Source: https://www.quora.com/How-many-people-have-finished-the-FreeCodeCamp-curriculum-so-far

Are there other ‘real-world experience’ type opportunities available? I’d love to do some ‘not super high-pressure’ projects to get my feet wet outside of the scope of my current job. (freelancing is very appealing to me, but I don’t want to use services that involve money yet)

My current plan to do some work on some other websites and in the Coding Interview Prep section in the meantime.

Thanks for any advice. :smiley:

The nonprofit support they offer is called “Open Source for Good” and will only become available to you after your earn your certificate. Here is post that talks about it:


I am also currently in the last section, so I don’t know what this looks like yet.

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Ohhh! Thanks for letting me know those details. I didn’t realize that it was hidden until getting the certificate. Very exciting stuff!

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I know right!? I can’t wait to start on those.

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