Do we not get to work for non-profits anymore?

I was just going through some posts about freeCodeCamp beta and saw the new certificates and stuff.
Question 1: So does that mean we will not get to work with non-profits now after completion of all three certificates?
Question 2: And also, there are lessons/tutorials missing in the beginning of data visualization. However, their projects remain. Where should we learn D3, React and stuff?

Thanks for your replies :slight_smile:

Previously: Will new freeCodeCamp have nonprofit projects?

Aw man that sucks. I was really looking forward to working with some non-profits. Major reason being the ability to show those standalone projects on my portfolio. Is it already over or waiting till the whole new certificates thing?

There are plenty of ways to find nonprofits that will be more than happy to let you do things for them for free. Linkedin has “Linkedin for Good” and there’s VolunteerMatch. I’m sure there are others.

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That sounds good. I had no clue. It is good that there are other ways.
Thanks for letting me know @ksjazzguitar @JacksonBates .

Read Quincy’s post linked to in the thread I linked to - FCC still has non-profit projects you can work on, and you don’t have to wait.

Rather than working with a specific non-profit, the community is now building a range of tools for use by non-profits. The aim is to provide more generalised and useful tools to have a greater impact.

@JacksonBates I read the post. Its falling into place now. They are trying to eliminate redundancy. I was kinda being selfish there. Thanks for making me realize that.

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I don’t have access to it. Any reason why? @lynxlynxlynx

Try here, not sure what is wrong: FCC & Non-profit good practice example

@lynxlynxlynx, both the links are different. I can access the first one, but not the second.