When to start with non-profits?

That’s basically the question. As now non-profit projects are unlocked for all, when can one start with them? Should he/she firstly get all three FCC projects? Or it could be earlier? What should one do there?

You can jump into them whenever you feel ready. Unless you’re in a big hurry, I would recommend completing the certificates first.

I’ve written a bit more about these here: freeCodeCamp’s new certificates - here’s how we’re rolling them out


If anyone is interested in some small, beginner tasks, our NGO also has a few well defined ones.

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That’s exactly what I need. How can I contact your NGO?

Just write me a PM here on the forum. I already have things written down, as someone asked before and then vanished before even starting.

Hi there

I would love to work for NGO while learning to code professionally

@Waxaz i have completed responsive web development cert. if you can help please do tell how will the certificate be issued to me or am i supposed to finish all seven certificates ? Well…i hope not

@GitProK1 It is issued digitally and you can find it under your user icon (image in upper right hand corner) while logged in on the freecodecamp homepage - not from the Forum page. Then scroll down to the Certification Settings section and you will see a Show Certification button.

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To get back on topic, the offer still stands. There are several potential things to work on, so just write me a PM if you’re interested. See here for completed projects: FCC & Non-profit good practice example

Thanks a lot


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Sorry but i can’t see nothing here @imi-tating


So when you are signed in and on the curriculum page (not forum page), you clicked on your user icon:

& then scrolled down this page:

To this section here:

But didn’t see anything? Were your codepen links at least listed?


Thank you very much i managed to find it.

However, i have tried downloading it, but all to no avail…

Please help dearly.


@GitProK1 You can either share it digitally by sharing the URL of the page with the certificate or save it as a PDF (on a Mac you can find the ‘save as PDF’ option from the print dialog).

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But how, after answering and completing all the tasks 300 hours each would they provide free certificates?