How do I start helping nonprofit through freecodecamp?

I have been studying on freecodecamp for a while and have completed some small front end projects . I think it’s time I started contributing to real world projects by helping out non profits. How should I go about doing it here? Thank you!

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I looked into this a few days ago and it was quite complicated actually!

I believe you have to have at least one certification though (if I recall correctly).

Oh I see, Thank you for the link!

There is updated information here about the non profit projects: freeCodeCamp's new certificates - here's how we're rolling them out

Pls read it for updates info.

Free Code Camp itself is a nonprofit that you can contribute to at any time. FCC is also the parent of the Open Source For Good project, which aims to create applications specifically designed to be useful for nonprofit organizations. These projects are open source and you can help any of them.

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