Did anyone finished 3 certificate and aren't chosen for non-profit project

I heard on yesterday that someone finish all certificate and aren’t chosen for non-profit project. He said that ’ Non-profit project is not for junior’ is this true?.

If I’m on this case, what can I do to be going to chose for the next time?

Where did you hear that? If you finish all certificates you won’t be doing nonprofit projects alone. FCC guides you through them.

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Did FCC guides have criteria to choose co-worker for the project?

No clue. The requirements from the point of view of someone doing the projects is just “finish all projects, pass all tests/user stories”. After that, FCC figures it out.

Do you finished any non-profit project?

No, I’ve finished all beta projects and been in contact with Quincy (creator of Freecodecamp), however. I’m waiting a beta bug to be solved so i can contribute to nonprofits. According to his words, all you need are the projects (and if they have tests, you need the tests to pass).

Thanks you for your time :slight_smile: