Legacy Certificates, New Stuff and Non Profits

Hi everyone. I am back to this after a 2-year hiatus and wow have things changed (I guess I shouldn’t be surprised). Just before I left I had earned ALL the certificates needed at the time in order to start working with non-profits on real projects, and I also passed my code review. I had an initial Skype interview with a Free Code Camp volunteer who said he would be contacting me again within a couple of weeks to help me get started with something.

Well … that was 2 years ago and I never heard from him again. Now my certificates have been retired to legacy heaven and I see there are a ton of new things I need to do to say I am “done”. At least all my projects are still showing that they are completed so thats good. Honestly I am NOT complaining about this, I take full responsibility as I could have easily reached back out to him to see what was happening at the time, and he WAS volunteering his time too so its all good.

I’m just wondering what my best course of action would be now to get back on track. Will I get an opportunity for another code review and real life contact to get working on something real if I go back and finish all the new things? I am a bit rusty so I really don’t mind doing that.


Would be great, in my opinion, to build the new projects. The curriculum now is much broader than the legacy one and the projects now require you to pass some tests to check if you did it the way you’re expected to do it.

I don’t know if you NEED to do the new curriculum to join a real project, but you could ask someone on charge of that.

Happy coding.

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