FreeCodeCamp - Nonprofit projects

Hi all,

I have joined FCC late last year (mid-Nov 2016) when I decided I wanted to learn WebDev and give JavaScript another shot (I tried to learn it around 15 years ago and hated it, now it has completely “won me over” with ES6 and the “amazing” Node.JS… about time JS reached the back-end in real PROD env’s!).

A bit of background about me: I have been a Software Eng. for +10 Years mainly in the EU Telecom’s and Banking. I am a big believer in continuous learning and “online education” and I was searching for an opportunity to “give back” by doing Nonprofit work (at least that is the plan).

There were two main reasons why i joined FCC:

  1. It’s community - This has not disappointed, on the contrary… it continues to amaze me how helpful people here are. I for one plan to do my part!

  2. Help out Nonprofit’s - This has been my goal from day one and I plan to help out as soon as I finish my certifications and feel I am confidant enough to do it (I plan to finish the BackEnd certification this weekend YEY!!).

There is one thing however I think is lacking: a Nonprofit’s “segment” where FCC details the NP’s its coders have helped! There is the YouTube channel with the presentation of 7 NP projects but it would be nice to have a “detailed background” for each on the NP’s FCC has helped (i am sure there were more than 7). Things like “Who helped which non profit”, how long it took, what were the major challenges faced etc.

Is that info available?

EDIT: Also, setting it all up (matching developers with nonprofits, etc) must be a lot of work for the senior staff and i think there should be a place to recognise that effort as well… for sure they deserve it :wink:

Happy coding!