The nonprofits proyects can not be reached

Hello everyone; for some reason I did get stock on the 375 level here on freecodecamp and I have the 3 certifications but I am unable to start the nonprofit project. Do I am missing something??

Thanks for your help.


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We’re overhauling how these projects and instead of working one-on-one with individual nonprofits, we’re building tools for them at scale. Read more about this here:

By Quincy Larson

Well that’s disheartening. That announcement came out almost 10 months ago. That was one of main motivations of joining fCC

I suppose you can always get involved with the Chingu people. They regularly work on projects together.

check out chingu in the forum

Or grab some of the open source lists that are floating around in threads in here. I’m sure they’d also be glad for the help.

open source topics in the forum

I also suppose you can focus on the local community and see if any non-profits need help with their webpages or apps. DIY it, as they say. Or even start-up a slack channel and group that offers to help non-profits in some way. Chingu seemed to start as a way to fill a need that was missing in the main fCC strategy.

Did you get an email after you completed all certifications?

Just spend your time helping the open source community with your now extensive knowledge of Javascript. You’ll still be able to get the certification in the future but look at what you’ve already accomplished. You have a portfolio of projects, you have (hopefully you did the projects with Github so it’s easy to show your future employers, if not make sure every last project is there), in the future you’ll be able to get the cert or something similar but with 100,000s of users it’s just not scalable, they would rather see you work on open source stuff. This thread does bring up some questions but for now focus on helping open source projects :slight_smile: