Confused with End Goal | Full Stack Cert | Non-Profit Experience

Hey guys!

Been working on the fCC Responsive Web Design cert, going through the new one now it’s out of beta. Great content and enjoying the process!

I’m having some confusion on the end goal though. When I started fCC, I saw there was a Full Stack Cert (showing you finished the curriculum), then could gain experience working on a real project with a non-profit.

I’ve looked through the forums, and I can’t seem to find any relevant posts that aren’t out-dated regarding this. The legacy cert shows you need to complete the 6 learning carts to get it, but those have since been broken up.

I’m dropping links for the forums I’ve read. If someone could just help clear this up for me, so I can see the progression and end results and also understand how to go about working with the non-profit projects once I complete the learning, that would be awesome!

Thanks guys!

Oh wow, you must have started many years ago. This hasn’t been a thing for quite some time. We just don’t have the capacity to do this anymore.

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On the plus side, the knowledge you gain from completing the full stack curriculum will give you the tools you need to contribute to freeCodeCamp. :wink:


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I started at the end of ‘20, got real busy with kids and multiple jobs, but am jumping back in now! That’s totally understandable given the size it’s grown to. I’m just curious what the “path’ would be to be considered “fCC Complete” for developers, and how I can go about gaining some real world experience to add to the resume and boost my chances of getting a real job. If you know of anything lmk!

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