Change in FCC curriculum?

I was browsing through the latest FCC curriculum today and i found that in the order of the courses the relational database (beta) certification has been added in between the data visualization certification and back end development part.

so now for completing the full stack i have to complete the relational database (beta) certification as well ?

At this time there isn’t a full stack certification, there is a Legacy Full-Stack, but it doesn’t consider everything that’s coming with version 7.0 of the curriculum

Thanks a lot madam for the prompt reply.
i have a few follow up doubts…
if i have to qualify to be able to work for the 4 non profit ngo as part of projects then should i cover the relational database (beta) certification as well ?
i am asking so cuz the new add on is very extensive

I don’t know what you want to qualify for, so I have no idea

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sorry for being unclear in my response…
i read somewhere that in previous FCC curriculum we have to complete the 6 certifications and then we have to complete 4 projects and then we would earn full stack certification.
i just want to know if we have to get the fullstack certification now should we complete the elational database (beta) certification as well ?

You can go to your settings to see what you need to complete for the legacy full stack certification.
There isn’t a current full stack certification, the curriculum has not yet finished updating to 7.0 version

thanks a lot for the response Madam.
do we get to work for full projects after completing legacy full stack ?

There isn’t anything happening after full stack, what do you mean?

if you want to work on projects you have to figure out yourself what you want to build, or to what open source projects you want to contribute to

oh ohk thanks i got it…
i read an article long ago…
pls refer following link

in above it is said once we complete fullstack certification we become eligible for non profit projects so i was curious .
do we have to hunt for those projects by ourselves or does FCC help us getting those non profit projects.
i know this is an answer from long ago around 6 years but i just want some clarity

that’s 6 years old - freeCodeCamp is not able to pair campers with real projects anymore

for non-profit experience you can contribute to open source projects.

You can find a complete guide on how to contribute to open source here:

whoa thanks … this is exactly what i was looking for … thanks a ton dear

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