Can I become a full-stack developer with FCC?

Hello everyone,

I’m a very newbie here. I’m reading the new FCC’s curriculum and don’t know if I can become a full-stack web developer with it. So I would like to have some questions:

  1. Do I have to study the certifications in order?
  2. Until what certification can I be considered a full-stack web developer?
  3. Is it correct that I can’t take the old curriculum?

Thank you!

If you complete the entire curriculum, I think it would be fair to call yourself a full-stack developer. To the extent “full-stack developer” is even a well-defined term, the curriculum here matches what people mean by that term.


Like Matthew said you get the knowledge to be a fullstack dev. Now I would call myself a fullstack dev only when someone pays me to do that job.

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By the time you finish the entire curriculum and get the full stack certification, you’ll be able to create an app using Mongo, Express, React and Node.js, which means end-to-end development in a limited framework. You could technically say, “I’m a full stack developer”, but it wouldn’t matter much to a development team looking for people to join them ready to produce, especially if they weren’t developing using the so-called MERN stack.

As someone who just completed the final certificate last month, you will have all the tools necessary to be a full-stack developer.

One thing I felt was missing from the FCC curriculum is some kind of ‘full-stack final project’, or capstone project if you will.

You could technically build the back end projects with front end as well, but i’m not sure if that’s intended.


Thank everyone!
Sorry I have one more question: so at what certification I can be a front-end web developer? I think it’s Data Visualization, right?

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I’m a beginner, but imo, if someone pays you to do it then I guess you are eligible for that title. Now, the more you get better and you get more knowledge the more you can call yourself that. A frontend that knows HTML CSS JS Vs one that knows all that plus 2-3 libraries there is a big gap in the skill and therefore the title if you see what I mean.

@Tech: I don’t know why you have to bring TITLE over here. I’m learning so let’s focus on the knowledge level. Even the old curriculum has Front End & Back End Certification. That’s my question.

The old curriculum actually only had 2 parts, front end and back end. Once you completed both of those then you also got the full stack. The new curriculum is much more detailed, with more topics and is up to date, so dont worry about the old one :slight_smile:

All of the certifications are geared towards front end, but the JS Data Structure and Algorithms and the API and Micro-services knowledge also applies to back end. If you are looking for the absolute barest minimum you would need for front end, then that would be Responsive web design and Javascript. But…you would need to do some serious deep diving into CSS, Sass, and be amazing with Javascript.

Its good to know at least one front end library…if you have strong foundational skills in JS and know React, for example, an employer will feel confident you can pick up any other js front end library. I see more and more front end job listings requiring RESTful API knowledge, and also testing. Thats basically the entire course.

The only one that I would say isnt absolutely necessary is the Data Viz, but even then, Im seeing D3.js and other data viz knowleldge listed as a nice to have / bonus / would be nice if you know this in job listings as well.

So yeah, basically…everything on FCC for Front End, for Back End, take a really deep dive into Data Structures and algorithms, as well as Node and DB’s… I consider Full Stack to include DevOps, but its a pretty loose term that can mean whatever your future employer wants it to mean.


I don’t think you have to do that in order, but I think is best to do it in order if one is new to programming

for me full stack meant to be able to work on front end, back end and database.
there are different options for each of them
for example there are plenty of database to choose from:

  • MySQL, postgreSQL, Oracle, MongoDB,… etc

and for backend language there are many possibly set as well:

  • JS, Perl, PHP, Swift, Python, Ruby,… etc they come with number of framework too to serve the backend.

and for front end also there are alternatives:

  • Web, Native Mobile or Desktop… and other thing i couldn’t think of

So having at least on set from 3 of the above will make one be able to do full stack development… when the requirement changed though?.. one might want to learn a different part from the set.

This one i wouldn’t know… but I wouldn’t worry about the old/legacy curriculum.
I am not sure if they are available from freeCodeCamp site, but if you do have the old cert, it will be displayed as a legacy certificate on your profile along with the new ones.

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If you had an account when the legacy certificates were a thing you can still claim them, but you can’t do the old curriculum

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Ok you didn’t get what I meant but it’s ok.