Will the FCC core curriculum teach me to be a full stack developer?

Hello everybody, I only started a few months ago, I read the FCC core curriculum and I wondered if I can be a full stack web developer, So I had some questions.

  1. Will the FCC core curriculum make me a full-stack developer?
  2. What programming languages will the FCC core curriculum cover?
  3. What is the difference between full-stack, Front-end and Back-end development?
  4. What is the ideal front-end, back-end and full-stack roadmap?
  5. What does C# do?
  6. Will the FCC core curriculum teach me how to handle job interviews?
  7. Does the FCC core curriculum teach every minor detail about each language?
  8. Does a full stack developer make android apps?
  9. Does a full stack developer make software applications?
  10. Is the FCC core curriculum enough to make me a full stack developer, Or do I need to watch video courses on the freecodecamp.org YouTube Channel too?

That’s all I needed to know, I know its a lot of questions but I’m new to this,
Thanks a lot!

Hi and welcome to the forum! :wave:

What a lot of questions! Did you try researching any of these questions on your own?

I did and I lost my mind, so I stopped before I messed things up, I didn’t want to make blind decisions because it can alter my future badly.

What did your research tell you about some of these questions? We can add on to anything you may already know

MERN stack plus Python, Bash and SQL if you do all the 12 certs, also C# and English if you do also the extra ones

no, no single course can do that

no, you make yourself a full-stack developer

May I ask how?

Do these help me build a software or only websites?

learning and practicing

also websites are software, but if you mean not web based software, also yes

but if you want to build something in particular, research what technologies are used for that

I already know there is HTML, CSS, JS, but i wanted to know if there’s more.

I know its HTML CSS and JS for front end but i just wanted to know if there is more

I know its true but I just wanted extra clarification

I just want to be sure to handle every possible problem that can be encountered

All I know is that full stack developers can make websites, but I like to be sure.

I know C# can build software applications but I would like to know if there is more.

I want to enhance my skills in building webpages and websites

when you find a problem you don’t know how to handle, you learn more, you don’t start knowing everything. Research is part of every day job

Thanks for the advice!

No. It is a learning platform that will teach the fundamentals of of full stack web development. Actually becoming a successful developer is up to you.

If you look at the curriculum, you will see that it covers HTML, JavaScript, and a little Python.

“Full-stack” does both front-end (client side) and back-end (server side) development for the same application(s).

A matter of opinion.

It’s a programming language.





No. You will need to do extensive work beyond the lessons to have the skills and experience to write good code.

If you want more detailed information, most of your questions are easily Google-able or can be answered by looking at freeCodeCamp.org.

Thank you very much!