Frontend, Data Viz, and Backend Completed - now what?

Hi folks… just wondering whats next for the nonprofit challenges.

By the way, after the backend certification is completed there is a broken link to the hardware challenges:

Check to see if there’s an issue for this on Github, and if not, create one.

Did you complete all of the full stack projects as well?

@PortableStick does it matter if they are going to switch to in a few months anyway? thats kinda why i dont mind it really. its just a broken link.

im not sure what you mean by “all of the full stack projects”. i thought you complete frontend, backend, and dataviz, and then they open up the Nonprofit projects for you and THAT is how you get the “full stack certification”. am I conceptually wrong?

You’re probably right. I thought the API projects were a separate cert for some reason.

Couldn’t hurt. The new site builds on the old one, so if there’s no issue for it, they should at least know about it.

sure, thanks. still have not heard back from FCC about the nonprofit work. :frowning: