Finished certifications, what's next?

Hello everyone,

I completed my data visualization and back end certifications last week (did the front end cert a while earlier). The documentation I can find on the site says that at this point I should be looking for a coding partner and then contacting site admin along with that partner to start the process of getting involved in a nonprofit project. But no one in the FCC chat rooms seems to have details about how to make this happen, and I can’t find any old forum posts regarding matchmaking, so it seems like the documentation is either missing details or out of date.

Can someone let me know what happens next, and what timeframe I should expect? I’m very interested in working on a more substantial project to help move my career forward.



Congratulations! You ever thought about messaging Quincy Larson? He’s messaged me back before and I’m not nearly as far along here as you are. I don’t think that many people have completed the full stack cert so again, congratulations on that!

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Congratulations! From last 20 days or so I am stuck on React after completing my Frontend certification.Hoping to move forward. How much time did you take to complete after Frontend Cert?

Don’t troll please stay on the subject.

There used to be a gitter chat room for meeting other people who have finished all three, but I think they closed it. I have all 3 certs and have finished one nonprofit and was thinking of starting another, but it looks like they changed the system on me lol

As an update, message @CodeNonprofit on here or gitter to get started with finding a partner.