Old (FULL) Front End Cert?

For about 2 weeks, I was able to view the legacy version of the free code camp front end certification.
Now, when I go to my old link it’s gone!
This kind of sucks, because I wasn’t even able to download it without my name dissappearing.
When I go through the new curriculum, and even my portfolio, I only see the new certifications.
(eg. I see two seperate certifications, frotn end projectxs, and javascript data strucgtures and algorithms).

Is there any way I can get a link to the old cert? And if not, can I at least get the jpeg image with my name on it?
I spent a LOT of time on this and it would be great to have the certificate.
(I’m sure i’m not the only persont aht feels this way).

I am sorry to not explain you how to do that, but I’ve seen it being explained by the founder.
But I don’t know what you’re supposed to do. I know it may not be that helpful but at least you know you can still get your old certificate.
Now you don’t need to finish all the lessons, all you have to do is completing the projects.

You can’t get your old certificates.
They are split off into several certificates now.
However, It would be nice to have a copy of the legacy certificates.

@PaoloDiBello @greg-han

You can still claim all of the original 3 certifications (Front End, Back End, and Data Visualization) from the freeCodeCamp settings page. And now we also offer 6 new certifications.

Each of these new certifications has 5 required projects that you must complete. All the other coding challenges are optional, and serve to prepare you for these projects.

From the official announcement

There’s bug right now so some people aren’t seeing the option to claim any certificates and the claim button doesn’t seem to be working right now anyway, but you’ll still be able to claim them.

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I don’t know where to access my original legacy certificate.
I’ve looked in most of the usual spots, and i’ve also crawled through the forum posts.
They all suggest either looking through settings or through the portfolio.
In these sections, I can only find the new certificates instead of the old legacy certificates.


5 days working on my JS Calculator, and now when I go to summit it, I found that I need to login again and now and everything changed also the JS Calculator have differents user stories… :frowning: Should I re do it?

My progress points are correct, however almost every challenge appear without the solution, and the vwry few that have the solution when I click on it I get 404 error.

When I go to that page it goes here.

THis simply gives me the same link of “completing the front end projects”
Rather than the entire front end certificate.
ahh nevermind, it gives 1/3 of the legacy certificates.

Can we have a copy of the old version?
I really liked it.

Yes, but can I get the old one with my name on it?
I Just think “front end development program”, sounds better than “front end projects”.

Photoshop to your heart’s content. You can make yourself a “High Wizard” certificate if you want. The value comes from the work you did.

Lol I know that, but when you spend a decent portion of every other break you have for a long time, and you receive a visual cue for it that looks a certain way and says a certain thing, then it suddenly dissappears and is replaced with something else, you kind of at least want that visual cue that you first received to remind you of it.
I see at least 3 other threads with complaints in the same vein.

Can you guys at least give the font style and size used?
Ill then shoop it.

All I know is the location of the assets repo.

Oh man, i’m going through the new stuff though and all the questions I had about the previous curriculum have sections now. So sick!

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Ok thanks anywyas, I know that the resource is free and i’m not really complaining, but the old cert was a nice form of gratification.