Would I be able to get my front end and javascript certificates still?

Hi I started freecodecamp way back in 2016 and left it for a long time, I’ve recently returned to it and am trying to finish off the front-end and javascript certificates but noticed that they added a lot of new things to it and my answers from before have not been saved, although the challenged I completed from before are still grayed out showing that i passed them. Will this affect anything when I try to claim the certificates? Thanks.

The challenges have no effect in being able to claim a certificate or not

But you should know that new certificates have come out that requires different projects
you can still claim the old certificates from the settings if you complete the projects you have not done yet, you will find them in the Interview Prep section, under “Take Home Projects”

What determines whether you can claim a certificate or not?

Once you have done all the projects for that certificate you can claim it

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In the past I did a Twitch and Wikipedia API project. I can’t find them in the curriculum, are those 2 project swapped out for different projects?

You can still complete the legacy certificates from the settings, you can find the projects needed (that are no more used in the certificates) in the Interview Cide Prep section under Take Home Projects
If you finish all the required projects for that you can claim them, for the new certificates you need different projects