Legacy Frontend Certificate? I was two problems away from finishing it this week

Was working nonstop these few weeks to get the front end certificate, and now everything has been changed up! I was two problems away from finishing up the front end certificate completely and now I’m gutted since I spend so much time trying to get it finished up before starting a new job next week.

Anyways, what should I do? Is there any way to finish it and get the cert? Whats going on with the front and back end certs?


If you go onto the site and then into settings and scroll down a good bit you’ll see Legacy Certification Settings. I’m glad I found that as I’m hours into implementing Simon and “finishing” the old front end cert.

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Thanks for the tip! I can see my progress on the front end cert, but I can’t get to the next challenge. Were you able?

Says " Front end Development Projects"

Not front end web dev cert like it used to

As someone else who was also close to finishing the old cert I feel like all the wind has been taken out of my sails. I was around 90% done the old Cert map, for finishing the front-end section. Now I’m like 30% because the requirements have been changed out from under me. I’m crushed that my efforts have now been spread out across the modules and I’m no longer near completing any of them.

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Why? It’s still there. Now there are just more things that you can achieve.

I was focusing on completing it to have something achieved and now my efforts have been spread out so thin across the new modules is quite disheartening


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The legacy certificates are at the bottom of the Setting page, you’d need to scroll quite far down to see them. Just submit the link of required projects then you can claim the cert.

“Front end Development Projects” cert is what you get not “Front end web developer” as I was about to get

Not the same thing. “Front end Development Projects” cert is what you get not “Front end web developer” as I was about to get

So the label on the page where you click the button to claim it is different by one word. It’s the same thing.

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No its not the same thing. Completing projects and completing a front end web dev cert are two different things.

How do i find the videos breaking down the projects? i was 3 away from the backend certification and now, I can’t find the breakdown of the projects, I was so close.

You could just search for them on YouTube