Problems Encountered in New Site

Hello! I have been working on the legacy front-end development certificate for some time now and so there are many past lessons that have been added since I began. In an attempt to fill all the check boxes in the curriculum, I have been going back to problems that have are new and incomplete, and finishing them one at a time.

While doing this I have encountered a small bug: When I complete a challenge, and click the “View Curriculum” button, the page is rendered blank, and I am forced to refresh the page to once again click “View Curriculum” in order to navigate the curriculum menu.

A minor inconvenience, but would make a large difference in the QOL of users

I am also unable to locate the “Simon” project details for the Legacy Front End Development Certificate. It is the only project I am missing from the Legacy Cert and would like to complete it to its original specifications

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If there isn’t one already, could you please report this as a detailed GitHub Issue?

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The link to GitHub you provided actually links to imgur page with a photo of an arm.

Hahaha. That’s super random.