New FreeCodeCamp curriculum

Hello fellow coders, I find myself in a bit of a blockage. I started FCC about a year ago and I was one task away from de Front End development certificate but I stopped because I started a bootcamp and got a new job and now 4 months later I wanted to do my last project (SimonGame) to get my certificate but the curriculum has changed and I need to do lots of stuff to even get close.
Furthermore the list of projects that I get I need for the FrontEndCertificate :
[ Basic Algorithms, Basic Front End Projects, Intermediate Algorithms, Intermediate Front End Projects, Advanced Front End Projects ]
are not even organised the same, I don’t really know where to find them.

I found an article that said that old users can complete the bootcamp in the old way but this doesn’t seem to work for me.

Any suggestions?

The old certificates are still available. You can see them in the settings page. The legacy projects which are no longer included in the primary curriculum (such as the Simon project) can be found under Coding Interview Prep -> Take Home Projects