Where are the projects?

I can’t find the projects i’ve done in the view curriculum, i know they are there, but i can’t find them, for example the Wikipedia Viewer and Random Quote, even after looking through the whole list i just can’t find them. The only way so far is searching through google.

Also i’d like to add that sometimes when pressing the View Curriculum the page goes blank and i have to refresh, and i’d be awesome that when you’re learning a certain topic, when you open the View Curriculum is takes you to the bullet of the current leason

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FCC has changed the projects to make them less dependent on things like third party APIs. Some of the old projects are not required for the new certificates. If you have made significant progress on the old certificates, then you can still submit your project links on your profile page.

I would like to know if links to the project descriptions for the missing projects will be re-uploaded. I am one project away from the legacy front end certificate (the simon game) and would like to complete it.

That clears everything, thanks a lot!

The old projects that are no longer required for certificates are listed as “take home projects”.

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I’m going to take advantage of a teaching moment. I didn’t know that off the top of my head. I didn’t click through every possible link on the page. I just went to the GitHub repository and did a search.

Remember that since FCC is an open source project, you can look at how it works at any time. You can see bugs that have been reported, add input on proposed features to be added, submit changes, understand the history of the application, and generally nose about in the source code.