Curriculum bug? last 2 projects "auto-completed" without starting them

somehow, a while after completing the third project of the resp. web dev curriculum, it showed 4/5 and 5/5 as completed, too. Is this a known bug? are you aware? How should i proceed to get the certificate?

If you want to complete them. Just reset it?
And do again but, this time with what you would like to submit.

didn’t notice i submitted unfinished projects. And i don’t have an reset option available :neutral_face: or it’s hidden very well

delete the link, add the correct one, use again the button to submit

the “Solution” input field on the project page? there is only the placeholder…

you can check what link is saved as your solution in the settings of your account, but to change the link you need to submit a new one from that page

but to change the link you need to submit a new one, I don’t think you can just delete it.

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oh wait, you are saying i get the certificate nevertheless. even if they’re already checked? feeling super dumb right now😂 but they really shouldn’t be checked/completed when empty docs are nothing or wrong links are submitted…

at this time there is not a way to automatically check a project like that.

But remember that you need to agree to the academic honesty pledge before claiming a certificate, and the projects are randomly checked to insure it is respected.

In future there may be automatic testing (and in case projects fail the automatic testing, also the certiifcations may be retired)

well, i have no idea how they got checked then, because i can asure that i didn’t write a single character for those.

also, i forgot to mention, there were and still are (from time to time) connection/update problem notifications displayed in the light blue pop-up banner at the top

you submit a link, the project is marked as complete
that’s what happens right now.