Well I finally got it! The Front End Development Certification! But

… but I’ve got a question - I’ve got a button now and I can view the certificate, but there is no MY NAME or the DATE when I got it. So - what do I do now? Am I supposed to “Photoshop it…” or I missed something, some course?
Thank you, for your answer!

that is strange, are you viewing the certificate on the freecodecamp site while online?
because if you save the certificate to your computer it will not show your name,
it only shows online, if you want to save it with your name you must do a screenshot it.

also make sure you have your profile information correct, maybe your profile doesn’t have your name .

I checked your freeCodeCamp profile but found it empty.


Actually it says:
link to the Cert :slight_smile:

Have you tried updating your profile? You can find it in your profile settings (hit Update my portfolio from GitHub)


Thank you!!! The “Update my portfolio from GitHub” helped!
Hope that it helps someone as well! :slight_smile:

And congrats! :smiley:

Hello Mr. (super) Cat,

I have a question on the same subject :

At the time of claiming my front-end development certificate, the name field in the public profile of my Github account is empty, so the certificate issued to me is without any name, though with a completion date and a link to the certificate in my FCC account.

I just went to Github to add a name to my public profile, am curious to find out if it is feasible to re-generate the certificate so the certificate will include the newly added name from my Github profile ?

Thanks and kind regards

IIRC, you hit this button in your profile.

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Cool, works now. As always thank you very much for your help, Mr Super Cat. :+1: