How can I get a copy of my front end certificate

I just finished my front end developer and filled the claim your certificate section. But I didn’t see a link to get a copy of the certificate. How does it work? do you have to get reviewed? how long does it take? or am I missing info on how to get the certificate? If anyone could clarify on this info thanks

no last name?.. there could be 1000’s of George

How can I get my full name on there? thanks

My guess is you need to change the name on your profile here :


ok, I just changed it… do I need to click on the link again?

I’m not sure. Might have to wait on @BenGitter reply for that.

If it doesn’t work though, maybe you have to fill out the application again?

Good luck! :shamrock:

got it… thanks for the help.

freeCodeCamp fetches your name from your GitHub account:

  1. Update your name on GitHub
  2. In the settings menu click “Update my profile from GitHub”
  3. Have a look at your certiicate

Congratulations for your new Cert!

@zentech this is covered in our Support FAQ here. If @bengitter’s response helped and was sufficiently clear, please mark it as the accepted answer.