I'm almost done with last two projects in FCC front end. I heard beta version of FCC will replace the current one. Will I still be able claim the certificate?

So, is there a deadline after which current certificates can’t be claimed?

I’m sure there would be a forum post about it if there was.

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What happens to the old legacy certificates?

If you’ve already earned a certificate, you will always have it. You will always be able to link to it from your LinkedIn or résumé. And when your prospective employers or freelance clients click that link, they’ll see a verified certificate specific to you.

And if you’ve already started working toward the Legacy Front End Development, Legacy Data Visualization, or Legacy Back End Development certificates, and still want to claim it, don’t worry - you can will always be able to claim these certificates - even after we release the beta challenges.

All of the required projects for these old certificates will remain available on freeCodeCamp. For the old certificates, you can complete old versions of the projects.

As long as you created your account before we release the expanded curriculum, you will be able to claim these old certificates any time you want, and they’ll start showing up on your freeCodeCamp profile.

Campers who create their freeCodeCamp after we release the expanded curriculum will not be able to claim these old certificates.

Note that in order to claim the new certificates, you’ll need to build the new projects (some of which are updated versions of old projects) and get all of their tests passing.

More info here:


There is no deadline. You will always be able to claim the original 3 legacy certificates.


where do i find the old legacy certificates? when i log into free code camp i only see the new 6 certificates and coding interview prep

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I almost finished the original Front End Developer certificate. I was just shy of 4 final projects: Build a JavaScript Calculator, Build a Pomodoro Clock, Build a Tic Tac Toe Game, Build a Simon Game. Then, our family moved and I lost a ton of momentum. I decided to take a break from coding and found a job teaching (my original career.) However, I realized I do want to switch careers.
To get to the point, I finished Palindrome Checker, Roman Numeral Converter, Caesars Cipher, Telephone Number Validator, and Cash Register. However, I cannot seem to claim the Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures Certification . What are your thoughts? Is it possible for me to get this or should I try to find the old projects? I want to learn to code, but also show that potential employers that I can earn certificates. Which is more important to an employer–the certificates or a portfolio?

The portfolio for sure. I’ve worked in HR and recruiting for tech companies in Silicon Valley and have seen the hiring process from the internal perspective at places like Google as well as startups with 25 people. As much as they differ, the one thing they all have in common is the high bar for which they set for hiring technical talent. Though there is a huge demand for talented engineers, the competition is also stiff and there is no shortage of people trying to break through who also have degrees and certifications. Having a fancy degree from a top tier university can help get you attention, but not much weight is placed on certifications unless the accompanying knowledge and project work can be easily displayed and explained.

Don’t get me wrong, you should definitely pursue the certificates as you go along. But if you don’t have a solid portfolio and can demonstrate how you created and worked through projects, both solo and as part of a team, all the certs in the world won’t matter.