Pausing my freecodecamp learning process for a chingu voyage

I was starting the Advanced Front End Development Projects part of the camp, when i heard about the chingu voyage challenge and i enrolled in the voyage 3, so now I’m working with a voyage 3 team on a project using the MERN stack that will keep me busy until 20 January .
is that OK or i will have issues obtaining my front end certificate if i complete the freecodecamp challenges projects later .
thank for your advice.

What matters is that you’re still coding. The Chingu cohorts are awesome and you’ll learn tons. If anything, you should have an easier time finishing your FreeCodeCamp certifications afterwards.

Thanks for your support :facepunch:

You should be ok.

There was a post a month or so ago when they mentioned moving to the beta end of Dec that if you are enrolled in fCC before the end of this year the old certs will still be available…

Will look for a link and post it here if/when I find it…

Edit: from freeCodeCamp's new certificates - here's how we're rolling them out

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