How do you claim/get your certificate(s)?

I completed every part of the “Responsive Web Design Certification” some weeks ago yet my profile still shows “No certifications have been earned under the current curriculum”. Why is that? Is there something else I need to do to claim the certification?

Here’s my profile…

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you can claim your certification in the settings

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I was wondering this as well - i have completed all tests cases for each Frontend project (my first 300 hrs)

and i was wondering how long to wait for certification…

all of my projects are on codepen, but some of them were completed in beta or the old version of FCC

so half are saved as completed from 1-2 years ago

the other half i updated this morning to the new to pass the tests

The second and third projects are saved in a cache of some kind, i cannot submit or re-submit them with the new testing software

@raisedadead :wave: its been a while!

depending on how old your account is, you should find the legacy certifications below the current six ones in the settings. The project descriptions with user stories are in the Interview Prep part

for the new certifications and so the projects that need to be tested with the current test suite, you may need to redo them