Beginner in need of help

i am new in the world of programming
please how do i start

Here’s the link.
The best way is to get into it and then filter out what you don’t want to learn. tackle the freecodecamp’s certificates one at a time and ask loads of questions. You’re on the right track, if you stick around in the forum space here. and afc make mini projects as you go.
Practice what you learn.

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In the world of programming, you should start out with the Python.
Every one has different style of learning. i would recommend that you should watch this youtube python playlist first and try to follow. Bur if you more reading guy and you like to get web interface to practice along with reading than you must try this Python Course by Waterloo university.
They have awesome course with on site editor and tests. You will love that.

Now, If you want to dive in to website design world first you can start from Freecodecamp 1st course of responsive web design. HTML and CSS is fairly simple and than you can move to programming language with Javascript.

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These are all great responses and I just want to add knowing what it is you want to do. it doesn’t have to be some big project just something simple. If you want to make a simple web app or maybe you want to create something a bit more challenging. It might help zero in on what would be the best place to start. Python is a great start. some people would say javascript is a good place and others would say Go ect there is a lot of places that you can go with you learning so dont be afraid of picking the “right” one. Just pick a language that feels good to you and give it a go. Good luck!