Senior needs advice

Hi im 55 yrs old no experience in coding asking for advice on where to start on my path to learn coding . been reading a lot on blockchain data analyst/science but not sure where to start thnx in advance for all the advice

Welcome ^^
I mean, there is a whole curriculum to go through. If you don’t care about webdevelopment, consider doing the Python courses. When struggling with the basics, the JavaScript course is the introduction to that. Or you gotta look for additional resource if you want to solely focus on Python and the courses here don’t feel sufficient.

As the corriculumn is meant to be done from top to bottom, getting directly into the Python might be a bit demanding.

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Do you have a specific goal in mind, or are you interested in learning how to program broadly and just want a good place to start? If the latter is true, then I suggest starting at the beginning of the freeCodeCamp curriculum and following it in order. I really do believe it’s the most valuable online resource that is currently available.

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