Program Development

Does freecodecamp have a structure for learning programming development, the same way as they do for web development? I want to learn program development but i’m not sure where to start for it on this site.

Thank you!

Do you wish to pursue front-end part of web development? if yes, what is your current level of knowledge? if you are a beginner then freecodecamp step by step courses help you very well.
After finishing each segment try to implement things you’ve learned into actual projects.

If you are only working toward programming and not web development take the JavaScript algorithms and data structures course

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I was more curious about which recourses codecamp has directly related to program development specifically, rather than web development. Thanks for your time.

Thanks for the suggestions. Would any of the Python tutorials be relavent too?

I was wondering what courses are specifically geared towards program development, and if so should I be doing them in a more relavent order?


I have combined your two topics. Please do not create multiple topics for the same question.

I wasn’t sure the best place to post this kind of question.


If you are not sure yet, which way you want to go, consider PHP with HTML first. It will give you the basic feeling for programming, which will help you to understand other languages.

Java is great, but difficult. Go for Jquery first.

Then, please ensure that you understand database structures and keys and indexes, including foreign constraints. A program with a poor database structure will always give you issues.

If you are good with graphics, like me, do not even bother with too much CSS. I leave that for the experts. Mine always come out very ugly.

I’ll try to put it in simplest terms. FreeCodeCamp teaches JavaScript and Python as flagship languages. Both can be used as general purpose languages, meaning you can program any kind of software with them.


Awesome. Thanks for keeping it simple. I was looking at starting the first Python certification. Do you have any suggestions about whether one tutorial is better than the other to start, or should I just pick one and dive in?


the freeCodeCamp curriculum is thought to be done in order from start to finish, the various certificates are more like stepping stones, they are not independent, and each certificate consider everything above it already known

you could try with the first Python cert, but if you feel like you are missing something, remember to apply the Read-Search-Ask method, and if needed you could consider going back at the beginning

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I would start from the begining , but I dont have much interest in web development. What I have been interested in is program development, and thought only certain courses applied to that. Is that correct?

Well, freeCodeCamp specifically teaches full stack web development. A lot of what you learn makes it much easier to learn another language. If there is a different language you know you want to learn though, then the freeCodeCamp curriculum probably isn’t what you’re looking for.

From my understanding Python is a multipurpose language and can be used for programming. That was why I was asking about it. Figured I could use those courses for somthing besides web development.

if you have previous programming experience, it can work

but the freeCodeCamp is linear, the certificates are stepping stones, not thought to be done indipendently

you can certainly try, if you find it’s not working consider looking at a different learning source

Python is used in a variety of ways. It is, however, a very small portion of the freeCodeCamp curricum. The Python sections focus specifically on data handling and machine learning. You are, of course, welcome to do whatever freeCodeCamp lessons appeal to you. I was just saying that if you already know that you want to learn a specific language (and that language isn’t JavaScript) freeCodeCamp probably won’t be your primary resource.

If it is your first time learning a language learn basic python 3 first. The syntax is very easy to understand. If you already know the fundamentals of coding you should be fine just jumping into JavaScript