Web development certif strategy - Please Advice

Could you please advise/comment on the web development certification strategy that I attempt to follow:

1-) Legacy Front End Development Certification from “freeCodeCamp” (Six blocks total of 1800hrs)
2-) Back-End Engineer from “Codecademy” (45 lesson , 4-month program)

I am a bit confused as to why the “Codecademy” back-end program doesn’t offer say PHP (or other)… as part of the back-end syllabus. Should I just simply add “PHP” to the list?

I passed the “freeCodeCamp” back-end program as it is Py based.

My original plan was to just learn Drupal but soon I realized that I need to “understand” web dev down to the foundation level. ( I am a practicing Structural Engineer…that’s probably why)

Your comments/suggestiongs would be appreciated.

The freeCodeCamp backend and Python materials are separate. The backend curriculum is in JavaScript. PHP is not the only way to write a backend.

Really, I’d just pick something and start. You can always change later if the course you picked isn’t working for you.

The 300 hour per certification estimate is a very rough estimate, so I wouldn’t get too hung up on it.

I undertand that PHP is not the only way a back-end language, and yes I already started with the first part. I was just curious as to why it is published throughout that PHP, JAVA, etc are back-end languages but in both “freeCodeCamp” and “Codecademy” is in Javascript…thats all! Nothing against Py!

I didn’t think you said anything ‘against’ Python. I was just clarifying that freeCodeCamp’s backend curriculum and freeCodeCamp’s Python curriculum are two different things. You seem (or seemed?) to be under the impression that the freeCodeCamp backend curriculum covers Python when it actually uses JavaScript.

There are many different languages you can write a backend in. JavaScript is a popular choice nowadays because it means that you can write the frontend and backend in the same language, which can simplify the interactions between the parts of your codebase.

Indeed, I was under the impression that freeCodeCamp’s back-end covers Py.

Thanx for the clarification and I think I will stick to the freeCodeCamp’s back-end curriculum. So far, I have enjoyed what I have complete it very much!



HI @efgarro !

Welcome to the forum!

I think either program is fine.
You asked this question in a FCC forum so naturally people are going to push for that more.

But I personally think the real end goal is to build projects outside of a course.
You learn a lot by being able to build stuff and deploy it.

Whether you learn from FCC, codecademy, udemy, youtube, etc make sure to apply that knowledge and build some awesome projects outside of a course. :grinning:

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Thanx for your comments. Looking forward to completing the program @fCC.


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