First time coding

Can someone give me advice on how to start coding? What languages should I learn first, I bought a java book and was going to start reading it and but a friend said maybe I should jump into html or JavaScript first to get the basics down. Any advice?

It really depends on your own personal goals.

FreeCodeCamp’s own curriculum provides a roadmap to get a web developer job. It can be started here.

You might want to be a mobile developer and build Android apps, in which case Java is the language used to build those apps. Or maybe you want to build IOS apps with Swift.

Or if you just want to automate stuff, or just learn programming concepts for the fun of it, then something like Python is a good starting point due to its easy to learn syntax.

Maybe your not sure what you want to do, you just want to learn how to code. I recommend going into anything and everything at a beginner level and see how you feel. Odds are you will find yourself going “wtf am I doing!!!” very often, but this is normal, regardless of what your trying to learn.

Regardless of what you do just be sure you understand programming languages are just the tool you write with to make the computer do stuff. Its more important to get the concepts of programming, then to learn specific languages, as all languages perform the same job at the end of the day.

Good luck!

Hello Everyone. Am new here. How can I get started ?

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