I`m 35 years old and I`d like to start programming but I don`t know where to start

Im 35 years old with accounting background would like to shift career to programming but I dont know from where I can start or what I should learn to become a programmer? and which language is better or suitable for me as I don`t have any background on this field .
and finally is it worth to learn programming on this age ?
Kindly help & advise.

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Depends on which field you want to be coding on. Is it web development? front end? back end? Full stack? Is it app development? Android? IOS? Your first and second question depend on those factors. As for the third one, it is worth it in general, but it really depends on if you like coding or if you want to do it just for the financial benefits

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HTML, CSS & JavaScript
Related framework

Software engineering jobs are in abundance and they is huge lack of qualified people. So trust me it’s worth a effort


Thanks for your reply,
The problem I don`t have any background to know what is the different between all of this and which one will be ok for me ?

check out https://twitter.com/DThompsonDev and start following this awesome angel for inspiration



Some people advising to learn paython ?

I don`t know what i should learn first to be a programmer . from my internet reaserch , they are advising to start with data structure and algorithms then the language

Read https://levelup.gitconnected.com/the-2020-web-developer-roadmap-76503ddfb327#e558 minimum 2 times very slowly and make up your mind.

Everyone has their own opinions, but you need to make final call and just stick to it.



No! It’s beginner friendly but Do not start with Python, it’s a huge language.
Start with JavaScript. Is beginner friendly as Python and you can create anything easier than using Python.
I recommend startin as a front end Web Development with JavaScript as a beginner. Python is used for data science and systems and big things…

First watch some youtube about “What is computer science”, “Top languages for beginners” “What is a programming language” “What is full stack web development” “How to start as a front end developer” “Front end developer roadmap” “what is back end developer?” "

After watching these videos on youtube take “Build Responsive Real World Websites with HTML5 and CSS3” course from Jonas on Udemy and complete the Responsive Web Design Certification here on freeCodeCamp and do the 5 projects.

After these two take “The Complete JavaScript Course 2020: Build Real Projects!” from Jonas again and along this course complete Javascript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification here on freeCodeCamp.

After learning basics Html/Css and JavaScript focus on more advanced topic on JS.
(es6+, oop, advanced DOM manipulation etc…) and most Important do real PROJECTS. Now that you know JavaScript use it with CSS and html to make some projects.

And this is not the end, but the beginning. After learning JS u should choose Front-end, Back-end or both(if u choose both ur gonna be a full stack we dev highly paid)

For frontend take “Advanced CSS and Sass” from Jonas on udemy. and learn React, Angular or Vue

For Backend take “Complete Nodejs course” from Jonas again and complete the other certs here on freeCodeCamp and do some projects! (make some netflix clone, cms, one page, multisite website, twitter clone, poker game etc…)
Advance your skills on Node, express etc
Learn Mysql or PostgreSql or mongodb, you are gonna need database.

Take alogorithms and data structures course with JS on udemy or read a book about alogorithms.

If you make some of the big projects on your own, Congrats you are a Programmer.
After this keep learning everyday and after learning web dev you can switch fields.
C++ or java or python or data science or game dev or anything you want.

If I helped a little let me know and ask any question you have. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your guidance
To be able to ask you I should know about the above😊 as I will start from zero
Small question,
How long this process will take? Considering that I working full time job.

If you don’t mind, you go on the same path or you have degree on cs and what are you working now front end or back end ?
Thanks again

If you don’t know what you want to focus on, I really do recommend starting with the freeCodeCamp curriculum. It’s free, designed for absolute beginners, extremely comprehensive, and comes with the support of this great community. HTML and CSS (which is where you’ll start) is a bit weird, but teaches you the basic building blocks of every website you look at. Then you’ll start learning JavaScript. Even if you discover a passion for another area of programming, the lessons you learn in the JavaScript sections will be foundational for any programming language. At some point, you may discover that your interests lie outside of web programming and wander away from the freeCodeCamp curriculum long before you finish it. You could do a lot worse than learn full stack web development in this day and age though.

FWIW, I do agree with @leloaurel that while Python is very approachable for a beginner, it’s not a great choice for a first language to learn. freeCodeCamp does have a brand new Python section in their curriculum though.

As for the age thing, you’re fine. Feel free to use the forum search feature and look for threads with phrases like “too old”, “too late”, etc. Working on a team where your peers are 10+ years younger than you is a weird experience, especially if it’s been a long time since you were at the bottom of the ladder, but you get used to it.


Thanks alot for your help

If you do 2 hours everyday u will be good at html/css/js developer in less then 1 month !!
Note that Javascript is a large pool it will take 2+ months to master it.
Remember, learn and practice EVERYDAY, if not 2, 1 hour is okay.
If you practice everyday u will be a full stack web developer in 6 months!


I feel like 2 months to master JavaScript is very optimistic.

The average user takes roughly 300 hours per Free Code Camp certificate. Your results will vary, but the FCC certification is a starting point that you can build upon.


Good luck, I think most of the answers you seek will come to you over time as you engage with the community and curriculum, keep posting here and keep working on projects and you’ll acheive :smiley:
Never stop learning @emad1 :slight_smile:

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I started already for HTML and if i finished the 300 Hrs. what will be the next step?
Kindly advise

I’d continue on to the next Free Code Camp certificate.

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