I'm New here. I need help

I taught myself programming few years back but due to lack of motivation, i stopped programming for 3years now. I want to start programming again but my skills are rusty and knowledge is little. I need help. Where do i begin? Which language do i begin with? I know a little of some programming languages (HTML5, CSS, JAVA, PYTHON, PHP, C#, SQL).

Depends what you’re looking to do. Front-end? Back-end? Full-stack?


back-end, I would still recommend getting the basics of those down, because you’re still going to see it. Pick a back-end language you like the most. Python(user-friendly). Finish that up with some SQL, database knowledge is huge in back-end. Explore some Frameworks later too. (Flask is very user-friendly for Python).

As far as your question, brush up on your front-end skills in my opinion, and get your Syntax down with the language you choose.

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@NewworldAladino I think you should start off going through Freecodecamp curriculum and you will be fine. It starts off nice and easy, then ramps it up to a more advanced level. It is very comprehensive, you will learn a lot. The nice people in the forum will help you along the way.


I’ve always wanted to be a full-stack developer. But you are right. I still need to brush on my front-end skills. Thank you