Which Language I should start to learn

I wish like to develop web applications and I am confused which language I should star. need help from pros

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You can start the freeCodeCamp curriculum, it teaches skills for web development

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Frontend is basically only HTML, CSS and Javascript. Sort of.
But you may use a framework and there are plenty of them. Not a different language, but it sometimes feels like other languages. Popular Frameworks/libraries are Vue, React and Express.

Then you have the backend language. You have many choices, but PHP and Javascript (Node) may be the most popular. Python is also popular. The backend chosen may limit the choice of frontend framework.

The backend communicates often with a SQL database. Most used are MySQL and Postgresql. Or you can use a noSQL like Mongo.

My advice is that you chose a language (tool) that you are familiar with or/and where you can get support. FCC has made your choice a bit simpler.

Can you guys give me some information about langages I should start practice

what kind of programmer are you aiming to be?

if you want to do web dev just start with the freeCodeCamp curriculum

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Doesn’t matter all to much - most languages work the same and those who don’t, are mostly used in specific applications which you would only learn if you intent to work there.

Especially if you don’t know what you want to do, just start with the FCC curriculum and learn JavaScript.

Languages were developed for various reasons from various people and I don’t know the exact history behind it, but it’s a whole field in itself.
Some languages go for efficiency, others go for easy-learning, some go for “natural look”, or being closer to the actual working of the hardware.
It’s an overwhelming amount of possibilities that ultimatly doesn’t matter for a beginner.

Also if you are a beginner and don’t know where you want to end up: Web-development is by far the biggest programming field for corporations and maybe even more for freelancers. And there html, CSS and Javascript are your bread-and-butter skills, hence the FCC curriculum is just an extremly solid start.

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I merged your two duplicates post together.

In my opinion, you should just focus on learning the fundamentals of programming.

Pick a programming language, stick with it for a while, build projects in it.

I think you are overthinking it.

Just start learning :grinning:

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