Need some advice in web development process

Hello all,
Thanks for taking out time to read this.
I am a newbie in web development. I have a good experience in coding and algorithms through c++, java.
I am trying to start web development in my holidays. I am learning the front end development through
the freecodecamp site. But for backend development which language should i learn and from where?
please guide me…thankyou.

Free Code Camp is a full stack curriculum. You can use the map to look ahead to the backend sections. FCC recommends learning Node and MongoDB…

Based on what you’ve told us here, I’d recommend Javascript/Node like @ArielLeslie suggests. You might try this very short quiz I put together to help you pick a language for web development. If there’s more information you have’t shared here, it can make a better recommendation.

The quiz is very short and very basic by design. This decision can seem like a big deal at first, but, at the end of the day, what really matters is that you pick a language and start learning. Good luck!