Need advice for backend development

Am new to programming but have not been able to choose a language that I start with as a backend developer. Please need advice and help community. Have been able to play round html, css, php a little bit and also work through python basics. I prefer to be backend developer that can communicate to hardware and also work on web development.

FCC stresses Node.js and for good reasons. If you want to work in web development and also communicate with hardware Node is the way to go. Javascript is the language of the web, and Node is a C++ program that lets you write Javascript code for the backend. So the javascript you know as a web developer, you can use to run a server, work with files, and lots more.

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Okay. IsaacAbrahamson. So I can leave Python for now and move into Java Script and Node.js since Node can communicate to the hardware.


I don’t think it matters a jot which backend language you learn first - it does in job market terms but not for learning.

I am not good at it myself yet, but I do know that learning to think logically like a programmer is the most important skill to pick up - the language is just a tool to express that logic how a computer would understand.

Those that know how to program well can pick up any language fairly quickly (days or weeks) and that’s because they have a very good grasp on the fundamentals of programming. Those skills are transferable between languages. This enables “real” programmers to choose the correct language for the job.

So I would say - If you want to learn a pure back-end language, pick one and stick to it but always remember that the language itself is just a tool to present your logic.

and as @IsaacAbrahamson said… you will get to backend in this curriculum using the js stack.

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I really appreciate this wonderful replies, i think I can start with java script then, Since java script can work for both backend and frontend.
I think that’s going to be a good idea.

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Those it matter to know java script before learning Node.js?
Can I also have a link to learn Node.js at freecodecamp. I really enjoyed this platform.
Thank you everyone. I Love you all.

Node programs are written in JS, so yes you do need to know it.

Although if you’re comfortable with Python, I’d suggest looking at Flask. Like express, it’s minimal and you add whatever you need later on. Django is an option too, but I’d suggest staying away from it while learning. It does so much for you automatically that you’ll never really get the basics.

Also, if you’re comfortable with Python, JS shouldn’t be too difficult to pick up. They have a ton of similarities except for syntax.

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Okay, I will stick with Node now. I will start immediately. Can I have the link to get started on freecodecamp or a good programming website that is good in Node.js…

click the map link to review the curriculum

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Thank you room, have been able to locate that.

Start a Nodejs Server

@SolidOs I’m not sure on your skill level with JS, but there’s a reason its burred so deep in the curriculum! :fearful:

Have not done anything on js before, but familiar with python, html, css, bootstrap, css3. What I just want to be is a backend developer that can communicate to the web and also the hardware.

I wouldn’t dive right into node at this stage then. Maybe start at the earliest JS lessons and go from there. You should fly through them if you have decent Python understanding.

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Okay, sure i have a good python understanding and how they works both on Linux and window OS. Thank you very much. I will start with Java script and move on to Node.js before going on to Python. I think that is okay Sir? MARKJ78

Yeh, I think that sounds like a plan that fits with your original question & aspirations :slight_smile:

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Thank you Sir. I will start with Java script tonight. Thank You very much Sir. I will be happy to have Mentor from this community. Because the other community i belong to before was just full of WORDPRESS only. No coding mostly unless when fixing database error or plugin error and i also got this information that wordpress can not accommodate up to 50 millions users for a website unless to meet with them for requirements and specifications.

Thank You all. Will be to hear more from this super wonderful community.

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Great enthusiasm! Let me give you a couple tips, or you may lose some of it :wink:

  1. Try out the Javascript course on CodeCademy I have heard it is very good.
  2. Make sure you do the projects on FreeCodeCamp as well as the algorithms.
  3. Make sure you read this free series:

And do that before trying to learn Node.


Thank You Mr. IsaacAbrahamson, you must be a good Mentor. I really appreciate Sir.

Nope, not a good mentor. Just a student that likes to help out when I can :smiley:

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