Hi, I'm new to FreeCodeCamp and new to Programming

Which coding class should I go first?

I would like to become a web developer and software engineer


Take the HTML/ CSS/ JavaScript courses first to get a solid foundation.
Learn how to use GitHub and make an account there. Recruiters will notice
that you were using GitHub and storing your projects there from the start.

Much success on your journey.

Thank you, Mr Daniel! I just needed a direction for now. Sure I have grand lofty aspiration to make a game engine, but I needed to start somewhere somehow and focus only on the now for now. thanks for taking the hassle away for me for the suggestion

sir whats the name of curriculum?

Finish the first two (Responsive Web Design and the JavaScript one) and their projects, this will give you a solid foundation for development and where to go from there.

Thank you so much for the specifying!

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