Beginner needing to learn about coding

I know nothing about coding I am retired from my previous occupation. and a veteran looking to learn.

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Well, we teach web dev here. If that interests you, I would start there, at the beginning.

Definitely start at the beginning of the Free Code Camp course and work your way slowly through the lessons. It’s a great starting point and the concepts can be used in a large variety of coding paths. If you follow them in order, they really build upon each lesson and you’ll be up and running quickly!

I suggest follow the below path with help of FCC

  1. HTML → CSS → Build projects ( min 10 on your own )

  2. JS → Build projects ( min 10 on your own )

  3. React / any other JS framework → Build projects ( min 10 on your own )

  4. Start applying for job / internship

If you find a team to do above tasks; it will make your life much easier; check meetups in your local area to find like minded people

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