Learn coding without any computer background

Hi, I am interested in learning how to code. My background is in finance/accounting and have zero understanding of any of the coding languages. Can i learn coding here without any basic coding knowledge?

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You can definitely learn on the FCC curriculum how to code. You’ll start with HTML then CSS, and slowly move up to JavaScript.

These are the three pillars of the Web! :slight_smile:

You just have to keep doing it, keep grinding! I wish you the best of luck and also have a LOT of fun! :smiley:

Free Code Camp is designed to be accessible for someone with little to no understanding of programming. Depending on your general computing knowledge, you may occassionally need to ask for clarification on terms relating to browsers or computer settings.

You’ll end up using Google and other resources extensively. This is true for everyone. If you can’t find an answer after a careful reading of the challenge and searching of the internet, never consider a question too trivial to ask here.


Thanks, Flopet17. I looked at the first part of coding which is HTML and i could not understand anything. To be honest, i had to google the what HTML stood for. So i was wondering if i needed to take/understand anything fundamental level before i start FCC.

This is so true.

Did you try watching youtube videos? It might help you better. Just type “HTML for beginners” or “CSS for beginners” and watch them. It should be helpful.

No, i did not. I will try that first. Thanks for your help!!

You should try this youtube video by Brad. I love him as an online instructor. He is very clear. Have fun :wink:

Thanks, ArieLeslie!!

Don’t give up & just keep practicing. I started 2 weeks ago (practicing 2-4 hrs a day because of work and other stuff) I have some basic knowledge of coding before trying FCC. And right now I’m working my first project [Building a Tribute Page]. It’s hard at first but remember “Google is your bestfriend”. :slight_smile: keep it up! hoping someday I can land a career on web dev :slight_smile: