How are you studying coding?

Hi everyone,

I just started the free code camp and have finished the first 10 hours exercise of Front end development. I have seen new terms such as HTML, JQuery, CSS etc. I have understood how to code (such as make a green border around the image or make the text centered); however I am not sure if I fully understand the characteristics of HTML, JQuery, CSS. Therefore I am wondering how everybody else who newly started studying the coding is digesting the concept of the coding terms.

I would appreciate if you can share your learning methods!


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I studied a little at MozillaDevelopersNetwork before coming here.
If you want to understand basic stuff about Html,CSS,JavaScript like what an element is ,what an attribute,value is (html) etc then i’d definitely recommend MozillaDevelopersNetwork,as long as you are fine with reading large chunks of texts.

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Hi, I’m also new to coding and find doing multiple sources helps–they all provide a few different pieces of the puzzle. Along with Free Code Camp I’m working through the exercises on Codeacademy, and found some Udemy courses on Stackskills (via a sale in the BoingBoing store) that define what elements, attributes, etc. actually are, which is helpful for understanding why they work together the way they do. And for me (in the middle of my portfolio project right now), sometimes even when I thought I understood an HTML/CSS concept, it was only seeing what worked and didn’t when I wrote the actual code that really made me get it for the first time.

Well, I started out on Khan Academy, then I went to codecademy, udacity, and Code School before I found FCC. However, the best website I found was Microsoft Virtual Academy.

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Had a class of HTML, Dreamweaver, and Visual Basic respectively in college a long time ago. Came back to C++, dropped it after a bit. Came back again to Ruby, got much farther than any other language by using codecademy and making my own stuff just using Sublime Text and googling methods and such to solve problems.

Now I’m using this site because someone very kind said If I can get the basics of HTMl, CSS, and Javascript down in a couple weeks I can help them build a site by contributing what I can. Web Development and front side stuff is admittedly not my favorite but I figure it can help me transition to back end and still help me in software or back end web development.

Be sure to checkout w3schools.como for a rundown of pretty much everything related to web development.

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If any of you guys need help send me a message, we can talk about it and share our thoughts. We can also have a chat or groupchat, skype or whatever. If I can help, I’m more than happy to :slight_smile:


Hi all,
I am sorry for the late reply…

Thank you very much for your responses. All of these links and sources that you have shared with me seem to be very helpful for me to learn coding very well.

Thanks guys! :wink:

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Code a lot. The harder the project the better.
Replicate cool websites.
Help others.


Thank you for your advice. “Replicate cool websites” - very good advice. Thanks!

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**** I do not get any incentive for suggesting this course ****

I started with FCC a long time ago and never finished. I got to the JavaScript and some of the parts I couldn’t complete. At the time that I started those, the exercises flowed in order, but there really wasn’t enough explanation to be able to complete them. Finally, I was so completely frustrated with FCC that I stopped altogether.

The curriculum may be different now, I don’t know, but I immediately started asking other developers what they used to learn development. Out of all their answers there was one that kept popping up the most, so I decided to check it out.

The course that was suggested was on Udemy and it is called “The Web Developer Bootcamp” by Colt Steele. There is a free preview that you can watch without purchasing the actual course to get an idea of who the instructor is and what you will be able to accomplish with this course.

The preview video is titled “Why this Course?”. When I first watched, it I thought that it was too good to be true, but again, this course was mentioned repeatedly by the developers I had asked about learning development.

When I first checked out the course it was $200 which was more than I could afford at the time. I waited a little bit and it went on sale. I ended up paying $15 for it and it was the best investment I have ever had.

After I completed this course I got my first freelancing job within 3 months. I cannot tell you how good life is now that I am my own boss and I can work from anywhere. Yes, this course has given be absolute freedom to travel whenever I want because I can work anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.

I have just finished my first year of being a professional developer and my average income is about $65 per hour. So, I only must work about 20-30 hours per week to maintain my lifestyle I enjoy. I now have enough time for work, play, travel, and could even spend enough time with children (if I had them).

In a nutshell, this course will teach you enough to be a Front-End/Back-End & Full-Stack Developer. When you complete the course, you will have a working web application that includes:

• HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, json
• Frameworks (NodeJS), Databases, REST, GIT/GitHub, Express
• UI/UX, APIs, Refactoring, Deployment

When you finally complete this course, you will have a Web App and a Certificate for your portfolio. Another benefit is that you are a lifetime member of the course. The instructor and his TA keep the course updated with new content so that it is current with the technologies we use.

Also, there is a great community that you will get access to for all sorts of help and other things. It is like the FCC community. I cannot stress enough how great this course is.

I plan on coming back to FCC in the future to get all their certifications, but I am too busy right now with my current work load (this is a good thing!). Again, I do not make anything by telling people about this course. Simply put, if you are looking for one course that will make you employable upon completion, this is it.

Good luck to all and I hope that this helps!

The course can be found…here.


I started to learn the very basic HTML and CSS concepts from w3schools and youtube, then in search of better coding environment and practice I found two places, Codecademy and Freecodecamp. Udacity also helped me alot in my journey. I am still practicing advanced selectors, smooth animations and transitions in CSS. Javascript is really hard for me to understand, so still struggling with it.

Hey guys, the Web Developer Bootcamp course at Udemy is currently available for $15 within the next 12 hours.

For me I am focusing on writing clean easy to manage code. So pretty much I just try to learn as much about proper programming principles as I can. Right now I am watching through some google clean code playlist and after that I will go through all the youtube clean code playlists I find just to better solidify the material in my head.

I did not write a single line of javascript in months until yesterday and my coding has definitely improved even though I have been learning with more strictly typed languages. I think the biggest change has been simply better understanding the reason to follow the Do Not Repeat your self principle. I have been working on a pretty complicated game and have had so many bugs from not following the principle religiously enough. Lately I have been trying to make sure I never have to make changes in two places if something needs to change later on by following the single responsibility principle for classes and functions. Its nearly impossible to remember all the places a change needs to occur after coming back to your code days / weeks / months later.

Hello sir , I have a question please. I started HTML and css3 . Not long ago and now I have a website to make a five pages one . I have no broplem with the coding it’s self as I use Mozilla and Google and of course stack flow , my main issue is I don’t know how to make the lay out of the website so basicall I have the text and I have the images . But I don’t know how to put them together so they look nice . Basically it’s not a coding problem it’s styling one. And not Css I mean how to make the lay out . I Chek website to see how they are doing and get ideas. Is there is a place where I can have ideas of how a website should look like . Thanks a lot have a great day

It reminded me so much of my intensive Chinese courses. There is value in becoming familiar with the language while still feeling lost-- you’ll be circling back and reminding yourself of this stuff as you advance, so I don’t think the intention is mastery of each lanaguage before you can move on.

For me, the fun thing about coding is that you need to see how it works to understand it. I’m understanding the characteristics of each language more with every step. I’ve also gotten stuck and had FCC coders help me out, which is great.

I thought the first challenges were not too bad, and then the portfolio design was like being shot out into space. Feels like you accidentally skipped a step. I got a lot from looking at tutorials on other sites like w3schools, and also cannibalizing code from all over the place and playing with it. People here on the FCC help threads are really helpful-- Coders are my new political party.

I take a lot of ideas from awwwards, a website where other websites are awarded for their usability, beauty and other things