Coding, building and making an app

Hi everyone. This is my first time here. I need help of where i should start in learning how to code, program . .etc . I also want to learn how to build an app. I’m really excited to learn on my own because i honestly don’t want to go back to school because it consumes too much time and money. I graduated with Philosophy B.A, 28 yrs old and i am out of luck in the job market, so i want to attain a valuable skill set.
Is their anyone else here with only a B.A and in the same situation? I would love to learn coding and programming with you! Heck, i would love to work on team projects and collaborate! Please let me know if you can provide any advice or assistance.

Thank you everyone.


If you are starting from scratch, it is best to just go with the order of courses offered here on Free Code Camp and not look to change that. (that is, start from the beginning Responsive Web Design courses in HTML and CSS). Things get harder from there so the forum here is always available for you to come and ask for help or to find people to collaborate with. Just jump in and get started and feel free to post questions any time.

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I’d like to add to @hbar1st 's that don’t lose your track. Since you’re beginning to learn and explore software dev world, you might come across an article pointing to some awesome technology saying you should most definitely invest time in learning that but just don’t. Stay on track here, learn everything you can from FCC and only then dive into the wider waters. Not to confuse with supplemental reading while you’re coding FCC challenges.

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Thank you so much for the advice. I will definitely start small : )

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Thank you! I tend to jump towards too many outside sources. … so i definitely will stay in track by starting here in order.