I've finished the Responsive Web Design projects

Before jumping to JavaScript, is there something I should check?

Should I learn Git? Should I do other HTML/CSS projects? If yes, where can I find them? Etc…

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My advice would be to just keep going. After you are done with the JS, you’ll have a chance to use more HTML and CSS. But you don’t want to break the momentum.

It wouldn’t be bad to get to know some basic git at this point.

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If I want to learn basic git, I should watch fCC’s GitHub video or should I read an article? What helped you?

I would say to do both. Don’t confine yourself to one source. At this stage you probably don’t really need git, but getting the basics down would be good. Even just learning how to create, clone, push, pull, fetch repos - that would be a good start. Some of git just won’t make sense until you’re in a group all pushing code to the same project - that’s when the frog hits the fan.


@Porphyrogennitos ,

Do you mean git commands or GitHub?

For GitHub they have courses over at lab.github.io that cover pull requests, commits, even markdown!

For actual Git and bash I’m sure a quick google will help you find a course.


The link doesn’t work.

I think it’s https://lab.github.com.


Also, there is a free ebook called Pro Git that explains git really well - but it may be too advanced at this point.

And just to be clear, git is the technology of managing files and changes to those files - and github is a common remote file repository using that technology. But learning github will teach you git.


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