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I just started learning how to code a few days ago. I finished all the tutorials for HTML, CSS, and Flexbox. I’m ready to start the first project on building a tribute page and am just now learning how to use Codepen. I’ve been researching other learning sources and have heard some say that it is better to go ahead and learn Git and Github, setup my code and there, and transfer it to Codepen. I heard The Odin Project is a good place to do that. Is that what I should do? Where is the best place to learn how to setup Git and Github?

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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Learning git: Git - Book
Learning github: Interactive js game

Try not to lose your main focus.
Version control software is useful, but my advice is to do projects, learn algorithms, frameworks etc.
Until a bigger project / job searching you will have little use for git.

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Welcome, Skywarp!

I would not say there is a should/shouldn’t, in this case. I always recommend developers learn Git and GitHub, but, if you are just starting out, then there is little need to, and it could just be more of a pain-point than a beneficial tool.

I started with GitHub too early, in my opinion. This lead to me thinking every project I started under the sun, I needed to store on GitHub. I have deleted a lot of those repositories, and still have too many. Truthfully, I had no need for GitHub.

Git, on the other hand, I do not think I learnt too early. It is not like a whole programming language, so learning it does not require intense concentration/course.

Moral of the story, were I to start again: I would only learn/use GitHub if I wanted to contribute to an open source project on GitHub.

For Git, the official docs are a bit much, even after years of use. So, there are a few alternatives I would start with:

For GitHub, the GitHub docs are excellent. It is not difficult to learn. So, I would not recommend a course on it. Just learn as you go/need.

Hope this helps

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