Hello i am asking for help guys

hi guys what shoud be my next step if i finish javascript Algorithms and Data Structures

Hi @yusupha !

It is entirely up to you and what your future goals are.
If this is just a hobby, you can do as little or as much as you like.
If you are planning on getting a job, I would suggest at least completing the front end certification. It would be nice if you completed the first six certifications though.

But it really depends on what you want to do.
If you don’t want to keep going, then you can just build projects on your own.

can i start applying for job if i complete the front certificate…after finishing javascript Alogrithms and Data Structures… what course should do before going to Front end certificate

After you finish the javascript course, you can go straight into the front end section.

As for the job question, after you finish the front end section you can start building side projects for your portfolio.

FCC will give you the basic foundation but it is up to you to build on that.

I would strongly suggest researching now on what it takes to get a job.

You will need to research

  • How to write a good resume
  • how to put together a good portfolio
  • how to prepare for technical interviews

There is a wealth of information out there and it’s all free.
There is tons of great advice right here on the forum on how to prepare for the job hunt.

I would suggest reading through the #career section. Also, read through FCC news articles on jobs.

But you don’t have to stop at just the front end certificate. You can keep going through the certificates.

Keep building and learning!

after completing javascript…responsive web Design certificate and Front end certificate which one should you choose… because i think you should finihs this three course before applying for a job

As mentioned earlier, you can start applying after the front end certification.

The courses are meant to give you a basic foundation.

But class projects are not going to get you a job.
You have to build something more complex then the same toy apps that everyone else builds.

I would suggest looking at the career section and looking at portfolios from people who got jobs.

Look at their projects and resumes.
Having a strong resume and portfolio is the most important part.

Courses are just the starting point.

if you have not done the resposive web design cert do that one first, otherwise you will
not know stuff that you need to know

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