I'm about to finish my Front End Certification. I've got some ideas about what to do next.What do you think of them?

Hello! As I said, I almost did that. So, what I think I should do next: I need a real experience, make real websites with sliders,animation effects etc…

Because for an employer it doesn’t matter how many certificates you have or how many challenges you have gone through, there’re 2 things which matter - Can you make websites or not? How many technologies (js,jquery,sass etc) and programs(Photoshop,WordPress,Sketch etc)can you use? Do you think I’m right?

So after finishing the certification, I want to make a landing page from scratch(from psd to html/css then to wordpress) for my friend, she’s a businesswoman. I want to learn how to make sliders,pop up windows and galleries on my own, I mean without using built-in WordPress plugins for the website, I want to improve my HTML and CSS skills, and my main goal is to make a responsive website for all devices.

Then, I want to make about 10-15 websites for my portfolio page and register on LinkedIn and stuff like that to start looking for a junior front-end developer vacancy.

I know that I can mistake, don’t judge too strictly, I just want to get feedback, what do you think about all this? Am I going in the right direction and what shall I add(programming languages,skills,best places to find the job)?.

P.S. I have also plans for back-end, but I want to become a front-end developer first.

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If you haven’t made your own website, then go ahead and do that immediately! That was my first big project and it taught me a ton about hosting (important knowledge for any web developer). You can use all your front-end skills and show them off there.

Next big thing after that would be to learn a popular front-end framework like Angular or Reactjs and do your next project in that framework. I learned Reactjs and am doing the FCC front-end projects purely in Reactjs from scratch.

I know you said you’re prioritizing front-end stuff over backend for now, but I do advise you to do the “learnyounode” challenges and know how npm and Nodejs works because they are important tools to front-end developers these days.

And keep doing projects and challenge yourself to be fancy.



Thank you for your answer. I appreciate it. I heard about the frameworks and I want to learn them too, but what do you think of the way I suggested?

Because learning frameworks takes much time and I think it’s time to do something real,but if you just study,study and study without a real practice it is no more than a hobby. May be it’d better start with everything I got from the FCC front-end certification for now?