I have my Front End Development Certification. Now what?

I have my Front End Development Certification. Now what? I honestly have no idea of what to do next? Please help.

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Hello @vic.jose.romero,

Everything depends on your goals. If you want to land a job as a frontend developer you might want to:

  1. Create LinkedIn profile, describe your skills, add certificates.
  2. Start to go to frontend meetings in your town to talk to people from different companies and make connections.
  3. Start to build your hobby project. Many companies want to see that you have real experience in building things. This project will give you a lot of practical experience which is very valuable.

Do the next certification :slight_smile:

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what if i’m not planning to go full stack yet . i want just to master the front end part and become a professional front-end dev, do i have to do the back end section or start building some front-end side projects maybe ?

Yeah, if you’re not super interested in in backend yet, doing more front end is fine.

Just try to pick up a range of skills and not rely too heavily on code-along tutorials.

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am i still gonna to be able to land a front-end dev Job without getting into the back-end stuff ?

Getting a frontend job relies on more than just a certification. You need to be able to demonstrate very strong capability.

You don’t need backend projects to prove you can do front end work, but knowing how the backend and frontend relate to each other is important. In my opinion, the best way to learn that is to actually build some backends and integrate frontends with them. But you don’t need backend to land a frontend job.

Landing a job is hard without credentials, though, so the more capability you can demonstrate the better.

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thanks for the answer. yeah i know getting this certification is still just the beginning of a long way to go . and i just wanted to know if me not learning the back end is okay . :slight_smile:

It depends on your local job market, but there are plenty of people in the world employed to push divs around all day and never touch the API or database :slight_smile:

push divs :sweat_smile: :joy: you got me right there lmao

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