Becoming a front end developer

Hi, which of the certifications should I complete in order to become a front end developer?

Thanks for the help!

All of them.


how do I know i’ve passed each test/project in order to receive a certificate?

There are projects at the end of each section. The first ones are called Responsive Web Design Projects. Do each project and then run the test suite. You can submit it to the Project Feedback section for feedback, but if you pass the test suite, fullfiilled the user stories, and signed the academic honesty pledge, then you can assume that you’ve passed. Any other checks done by the site are behind the scenes and you don’t need to wait for them. As you complete and submit the projects, they should show up as completed. When you have them all, you claim the cert.

In response to your original question, certificates don’t get you jobs. Knowing what you’re doing and having a great portfolio do that. The work required to get the certs will help with that. The certs are for you to keep track and feel a sense of pride. Throw them on your resume, but no one is going to hire you because of your certs - the other stuff is much more important. I don’t know, maybe there might be some situation where some employer is on the fence. But really, focus on learning and building. Collect the certs as signposts along your journey.


Thanks a lot. I badly needed needed this to get rid of my own confusions.